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DIY Website Design

So many customers tell us they were ‘talked into’ trying to create their own websites by friends or family. Telling them “It’s super simple, it’s one click.”. 

But first of all, It is NOT SUPER SIMPLE for everyone. 

Another thing, questions to those same people bring answers like, well it could be because. Or so maybe, could be due to, I’m not sure but, above all do not, which by the way, does NOT give you warm and fuzzies. 

Our customers always say the same thing to us, ” I could do this, if I wanted to do this instead of running my business! Because I don’t have time for this, and more importantly I don’t have time to waste on learning it.”.

Likewise, I feel you!

So rather than listening to them, talk to us! Because we will listen to you.

We will take the headache out of setting up and or editing your website. 

For instance, choosing a domain name and hosting. Or likewise, updating a theme or section of your template or html page.

The Pros and cons of HTML

HTML is a Hyper-Text Markup Language which is officiated by W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium. 

Markup language contains tags that are used to classify elements in a web page. This language doesn’t use a third party media player to handle image and video content, and is very cross-platform.

As a result html can be used by a smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets. Hence it is very robust and durable. Therefore html5 is the choice of a lot of web developers as it offers excellent security by design.

Furthermore, unlike a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, you do not need plug-ins to expand the functionality of the website. 

Another advantage to not using plug-ins is that once your website goes live you will not need to install updates. As a result only need to run backups as content changes are made which is as little or as often as you want. 

The biggest con to HTML5 is that it is not a content management system, thus it is not as structured and outlined as WordPress. While this certainly allows for more creative freedoms, it can cause complications for those without coding experience. 

Finally, while a lack of plug-ins means less updates, it also means that, unless you are able to hire an experienced web developer like AWebsiteGuy, adding extra functionalities or bells and whistles can be much more challenging.

Need a custom design?

It is very important that a custom built websites is able to grow as your business grows. 

As a result you almost certainly will need added functionality.growing-business

A custom website design can allow the developer to add this over time without the potential limitations of a template website. 

This is even more important for certain businesses, most noteworthy e-commerce websites.


bootstrap html5 css3 JS

Custom built websites can grow as your business grows. Hence if you need added functionality, a custom website can allow the developer to add this over time.

google amp

Google AMP Project

AMP is an open-source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are compelling, smooth, and load near instantaneously.

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