php errors

The trouble with CMS is PHP

Php and errors.

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php and syntax errors

Hey, is your website is down?

can not be reached

Those are questions you do not want to hear from your customers.

When you build a website remember your work is hostage to every service you rely on.

Introducing Php or another element into your design means you are relying on that to render your page, keep in mind any flaw or exploit can be used to bring your website down.

Building in HTML5 using CSS and JS is in my opinion the most secure way you can go. Something hardcoded is very hard to exploit.

Our website design using AMP


This morning when I seen our CMS for the website was down. 

One of the first things I did was look at our AMP pages index, which were still on and stupid fast.

Hardening your website.

So in conclusion ,My advice is whenever you are in the design stage of building a website, always keep in mind what the most robust platform would be for your design. Using Php on a simple here we are type of page is probably not the best choice when a html page would serve the information faster and without chance of failing over platform.

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