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The trouble with building your own website.

The trouble with building your own website.

I can do this myself

The trouble with building your own website. So you have a service or product and want to get it online, You search and see a website like wix that uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and you think, I can do this myself.

Hence, you build your webpage, but it never seems to get any visitors or traffic. Consequently when you search it NEVER comes up in results, even in the first 50 pages of results!

The hype.. “You Love & Customize It. No Design Skills Needed. Customizable online store. Custom domain name. Mobile optimized. Free multilingual fonts. Multiple payment methods. Market leaders. Easy drag n’ drop. Free website builder.” is just that. HYPE.

Lets review, and keep it super simple,  NOT on the first 50 pages.  THAT is The trouble with building your own website.

The reason is as simple as the editor, ” No Design Skills Needed. ” If you do not keep current with coding practices, then you have no idea if your doing something very wrong.



What you think is a great idea, could be “content spamming” maybe “keyword stuffing” and blacklists your web domain. 

More of the trouble with building your own website.

The do it yourself sites, make money on support. They know you have very little experience and will charge you to help you. 

Again the trouble is YOU are coding the page and THEY are simply fixing that area, not your page. Still not addressing the content or structure of the website.

You get what you pay for.

Startups are expensive, website are as well, but you get what you pay for. Using a free editor or wysiwyg and having a webpage show up on page 67 of search results will not result in a lot of visitors or customers. 

You got what you paid for, and more of the trouble with building your own website.

Use a professional website designer and your page shows up when searched. Your product, service or map to them shows up, customers can find you, again got what you paid for.

My advice is do not skimp on website design. It is an advertising cost that is also a good investment in your business.

Trust yourself to get your product or service sold. Trust a professional to get it seen.

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