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Submit Your Website to Search Engines.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines.
So, SUBMIT YOUR WEBSITE! You’ve developed an amazing site, it looks great! You’ve put together some seriously valuable and relevant content, spent time on the design, and gathered a ton of feedback. Now, you’re finally feeling ready to share it with the world. Submit Your Website! And as soon as you publish your new site for the world to see, all of your content will  magically and immediately show up on Google. Wrong! It takes a little more than just hitting the publish button. To get your site listed on search results, Google needs to “index” and “crawl” your websites content. This happens automatically over periods of days or weeks if your website is already indexed. But if you’re a site owner, you can manually submit your site to Google and and others like Bing and Yahoo to accelerate this process. There are a few ways to do this. But first, let’s briefly explore how Google crawls and indexes your website content.

Hey Google Come Find Me!

Google, in its own words, uses a huge set of computers to crawl billions of pages on the web. Submit Your Website! This crawler, called the Googlebot, essentially begins with a list of web page URLs. The  URL’s are generated from previous times it has crawled pages. Then augments those results with sitemap data provided within Google Search Console. During the crawling process, the Googlebot — also known as a “spider” — looks for new sites, updates to existing pages, and any broken links. If new pages are within your sitemap, Google will discover them and crawl the content. Google then potentially lists the page within search results based on its evaluation of your website. As Google processes the results, Googlebot looks at information on your page such as title tags, meta description, alt tags, and more. If it is AMP friendly, If you have dynamic content on a page, we also recommend that your default version is optimized for mobile search.

How Long Does It Take to Index Content?

A few of my colleague wondered this very question and ran a test to see how long it took Yahoo! and Google to crawl and index content. When publishing content without manually submitting an updated sitemap, we found that it took Google about 1,375 minutes to crawl.  Meanwhile it took Yahoo 1,773 minutes. So roughly a full-day to crawl your content.  Again using no sitemap. On the other hand, if you plan on launching a new website, or adding a number of new pages to an existing domain. It may be worth your time submitting an updated sitemap. We found that after submitting an updated sitemap to the webmaster panel, the average time it took for a bot to visit the page was 14 minutes. That is compared to Yahoo!’s 245 minutes. In other words, your new page can start generating organic traffic and conversions on the very same day.

How Do You Submit Your Website?

To submit your website to Google directly, you can either add an updated sitemap to your Google account. Likewise you can submit an indexing request for the desired URL through Fetch as Google. Both processes require site owners to register with Google Search Console. You may be wondering if you need to submit an updated sitemap or indexing request every time you publish a new page. If you’re updating critically important content that you’d like Google to recognize quickly, you should certainly do so. But, keep in mind Google re-crawls pages on its own, and it’s ok to let this process work in the background as you regularly create and update your content.

If you want to increase the traffic for your website, there are a lot of ways to do this, such as, submit to the B2B marketplace, blogs, forums, bookmarks, and so on.

The Following are links about where you can submit the website to increase traffic:

1 Submit to search engines

The first step is to submit the website to all search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.  After that try these submit sites.

http://www.gigablast.com/addurl?c=main http://www.exactseek.com/add.html https://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/ http://www.submitexpress.com/free-tools/free-website-submission/ https://www.submitshop.com/free-submit/ping.php

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