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Refund Policy!

Our refund policy is no refunds for any reason.

Refunds are NOT offered. Service sales are final. No Returns or Exchanges!

No refunds are offered on any digital goods.

By the same token no refunds will be offered on any edit service, or on any items such as domains or domain extrasReview or check ALL items before you buy them!

We stand behind our products and editing services and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, our products are digital goods delivered via internet therefore we offer no refunds.

Specifically, no refunds will be offered on any hosting, domain names or editing products or packages for any reason.


No Returns or exchanges.

no refunds

No returns or exchanges.

There is no way to refund labor, for example. You can not truly return any labor or service performed. To put it another way, no one can undo preformed work or labor. That being said, that same edit product or service will remain in your possession indefinitely, used or not.

We sell non-tangible irrevocable goods. In particular, domains edit services and product addons we can not refund. Therefore we do not issue refunds on any product or service sold. 

You are responsible for understanding this refund policy upon purchasing any item at our site.


Attention Customers from UK, Germany, Italy, France, or other European Union countries or any country where refunds on digital products are required. 

By obtaining our services you first agree to be bound by OUR refund policy. To emphasize again. You waive all rights you have under your country’s laws/rules. In regular everyday terms, you agree to be bound by our return policy below.

 All sales are final no refunds returns or exchangesIf you do not agree to waive all refund rights do not buy products here.