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Our Choice for SEO Analyzer.

Our Choice for SEO Analyzer is located here.  

This SEO Analyzer works great and gives really helpful insight on your websites page results. It also offers helpful suggestions as to fixing or changing the page to get better search results.

We had a different SEO analyzer

Our Choice for SEO Analyzer

But the one we had was built by a BOOB known as..

So this Bumbling Boob, got all offended I pointed out he was in fact just that a bumbling BOOB. See this “idiot” (he called me an “idiot” for not following his edit). Seems to be too stupid to send correct support ‘edit links’ and gets offended when you say, these links are wrong, there is nothing there.

“you are not following instruction”.. Yeah that is kind of hard to do when the instruction is from a boob who is supplying incorrect info.

Below is Balaji’s link edit instruction.

asXML not working then try saveXML


Edit: "/core/controllers/manage-theme.php" -> Line Number: 109



Replace To: 


AGAIN  for everyone else. I wanted to point out..

Edit: “/core/controllers/manage-theme.php” -> Line Number: 109..?


Edit: “/admin/controllers/manage-theme.php” -> Line Number: 109

And Me pointing THAT OUT, caused him to become butt hurt and that started a name calling session. Hence he calls me an fucking idiot not following instruction, and  I call him a boob/simpleton bitch too stupid to send correct links.

Anyway after that, me mentioning he should sell a working program and my online review resulted in Balaji/boob turning off the program, Boo Hoo..

Although I do have the CODE and complete SQL so I’m sure if I really wanted to I could turn it back on.. maybe I’ll do that as a side project..

Anyway I was actually looking for a better one as that one had a ton of errors, and  I thought.. hold up a second.

I am looking at the admin areas of these and can check any website..

SEO Analyzer

list of SEO checkers and the logins.

If you are thinking of offering a free tool on your website and need a script to use, or to stay away from, check these out. 

You can check your site using all of them as each offers a bit different take, and it is nice to try them before you buy.


Keep in mind if you buy this glitchy program he can disable it remotely.

The one he turned off, Please feel free to use his resources as much as you want.

Turbo Website Reviewer -

In-depth SEO Analysis Tool

Front End Demo:


Admin Panel Demo:

(At admin panel, some features are disabled for security reasons)

Now more Good ones.

SEO Information Portal
Live Demo

Frontend http://demo.99webtools.com/seo/

Admin Panel http://demo.99webtools.com/seo/admin/

Login Email: admin@admin.com
Password: password

SiteDoctor - A SiteSpy Add-on : Website Health Checker

Live Demo :

Login URL : http://sitespy.xeroneit.net/home/login_page
Username: admin@gmail.com
Password: 123456

SiteSpy - The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

Live Demo : (try once, you will love it)

Backend Link: http://sitespy.xeroneit.net/home/login_page
Frontend Link: http://sitespy.xeroneit.net
Login as Admin 
Username: admin@gmail.com
Password: 123456
Login as Member: 
Username: member@gmail.com
Password: 001122

AtoZ SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization Tools

Front End Demo:

Admin Panel Demo:

Admin username: demo@prothemes.biz
Admin password: password

ANYWAY.. these are some of the SEO tools I have tried out.