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Multimedia And Sticky Video

The sticky video feature.

First off, adding Video or images to website design is easy. The multimedia and sticky video features also allows one to stick the video on page scroll. Your video will float along the left or right side of the browser window. Therefore, as the reader scrolls the content both the video and your marketing messages will stay in focus. We’ve already introduced an optimized method to display videos without affecting our customers page load speed. 

Because a sticky video will pin the video across the edges of the browser, it gives visitors the ability to read a full page while viewing the video simultaneously.

Sticky Video or Images

Pictures are worth a thousand words and video is priceless! So use great pictures and or video! Whether it’s a blog post, landing page or entire website, visual content always wins. This is why we’ve put great emphasis on our visual multimedia widgets. We can take your images and videos to the next level of design.

Multimedia is Amazing

Carousels are responsive and interactive slideshows which are created for presenting content, especially images and videos. As with our other widgets, Media Carousel and Slideshow come with full mobile responsive editing.

Mobile Responsive

We can set the number of slides per view, as well as the height, width and space between for each device separately. Mobile users can also swipe to browse through the slides.

All these options make it easy to customize the mobile view of these widgets and make it 100% responsive. Your project will look great to your mobile visitors!

Multimedia, Sticky Video, Conversions!

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