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At AWebsiteGuy, mobile friendly web design is what we do.

We are dedicated to the reality that any business success increasingly depends on one simple, increasingly irrefutable truth.

To have a good listing result, your website better employ mobile friendly web design PERIOD!

What exactly is mobile friendly web design?


First of all at its core, it is mobile friendly design.

It makes your website’s information images, texts, videos, links are easily accessible across different platforms.

Therefore, mobile friendly web design is very important. Always build for screens of tablets and smartphones as well as laptops.

Likewise with a more complex look mobile friendly web design means utilizing the capabilities of mobile devices.

To deliver an effective, satisfying experience to users on the go.

Having a fast loading page such as an AMP with good SEO is a must.

Big No No's

Want to play on Google’s playground? (search results). You have to play by their rules.

Google increasingly demands that a website be super user friendly with their mobile visitors.

The search engine highlights these distinctly unfriendly defects to avoid when your site is rendered on the small screen.

Google declares, the single most easy, efficient and cost-effective solution to achieve mobile friendliness is responsive web design.


Text that is unreadable or pictures that are indecipherable without zooming or scrolling.


Tap-targets that adequately spaced or unplayable content.

Responsive Website Design

 Is a technique that uses a single HTML code and a single URL for all platforms.

Whether browsing the web on a desktop PC or their preferred mobile device. The website will modify according to the screen size.

The beauty of RWD is how it uses a fluid grid and flexible images in the mobile friendly web design.

As a page identifies the smaller screen using a viewport meta tag, it shifts to a more simplified presentation.

Visitors can then simply scroll down the site to experience all essential functions.

Images are set to readjust with shifting proportions. Similarly resolutions as well which ensure they fit the screen and are still understandable.