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Is Subaru a good car? NO!

People ask me Is Subaru a good car? NO! So if you are thinking about buying a Subaru? You’re making a mistake! This SUV has been nothing but a running service bill!

 A COSTLY mistake!

I bought a 2017 Subaru from McCurley Integrity Subaru in Pasco Wa

Advice from a ‘new subaru customer’ DO NOT BUY A SUBARU! For any reason! 

After driving this car for 10 months I have to say what a POS car! Good lord where do I start.. 

The Beginning!

We bought a loaded 2017 forester limited w/eyesight, again, wow what a piece of garbage. 

  • NO POWER whatsoever climbing hills. 
  • It loses value like water in a leaky bucket, in 10 months my foresters value dropped 10,000 in book price. 
  • The AC never actually gets cold it gets cool, even after AC serviced. 
  • They EAT tires alive. (new tires needed after 3 months of owning this money pit..as in bald tires) even after alignment.
  •  The car motor makes noises at 30,000 miles
  • Very jerky ride, there is no smooth in between, it’s accelerate or decelerate, there is no coast. 
  • The best part, when finished driving, getting the key out of the ignition. 

The Middle!

For kicks google “key wont re” as in release, with just that it finds that trouble. See you have to make sure it is basically slammed into park before the key releases and allows it to be removed. This “certified car” (pesky details) has been a running SERVICE BILL! 

I am scared to death one of the headlights will go out as that is a small fortune to replace as I have the led lights that follow the road. I hear its around $1600.00

I’ve had to replace the windshield as well as having it repaired, as the angle seems to attract rocks. The best part of the windshield and eyesight re-calibration cost.. 400.00 . This is car is a money pit NIGHTMARE! I will never buy one of these again. EVER! I do not recommend this car brand to anyone. 

Can’t wait for.. The End!

I can not wait to trade this in. and go back to a real car. Trust me buy Toyota!

Buying a Subaru? You're making a mistake!

Make no mistake, Subaru’s SUCK.