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WE DO! Innovation continues its unending march, life goes on. Old jobs are made obsolete, new jobs are created. When the greatest minds of the world decide to create something new, their engineers set out to find a way to do it. Concepts are created, wireframes are built, prototypes are designed, algorithms are written.

In essence: as these ideas start to take shape. The idea become the innovation of the marketplace. They become disruptions to the status quo. These innovations are technological inventions: steam power, electricity, the light bulb.

By keeping up with the ever-evolving technology behind the scenes we are able to provide our clients with the latest and best methods to share information and collaborate with their members and clients. The big deal this year will be the move from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 with a focus on Flexbox , CSS Grid  and of course AMP . In laymen’s terms, this refers to upgrades in website design templates, including responsive design and grid-based layout options.

There is a two-part challenge for implementation of any new technology:

  1.  How do you implement the new technologies so that the change goes unnoticed by your visitors?
  2. When do you implement the changes?  Do we try to update your client’s existing website, or do you wait for the website refresh/redesign?

My advice is to analyze the cost and time involved, then see where you can fit it into your web design.