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About Us.

About Us. Who we are.

Building websites since 2004

First of all, we have been building websites since 2004. 

So here is a little about us. We have a background in coding. Our experience using the core platforms java, ruby, apache, php, css, html, and html5 is proficient. including our work graphic design and our work with the new slider revolution type of WordPress websites.

Hence, For our ‘About Us’ now I would say AWebsiteGuy is based in Richland Wa, Also known as the tri-cities. That is between Walla Walla and Yakima, now there are some bragging rights!

Finally, who we are, we started in Las Vegas! In march of 2004. Our first website was Boon-Dog.com and that website is still around today!

We built websites before CMS

In 1995 Danny had to load windows onto his computer using 3.5 in floppy disks. (Danny says about 40 of them).

Yeah, let that sink in a sec..

That was before CMS -Content management systems. As in before WP (wordpress).

In 2004, there were not many options besides creating webpages in html or PHP, we did both, we had to learn SEO and AMP as it was built.

As a result, and because of that we were cutting our teeth on the code that most of the world wide web operates on today.

For the record, trust us, we know all about slow connections.

Extraordinary Experience

Obtaining more knowledge is never wasted effort. Knowledge Is Power. -‘Schoolhouse Rock’

What ever platform you choose for your website, Trust we can help you manage or edit it.

Our Core Values